Anne Stedman Jordan will still be around

Staff Writer

“People will see me around,” says Newton’s former mayor, Anne Stedman Jordan. Even though retired now, Jordan loves the City of Newton, and says she will always call it “home.” “I love Newton, and my heart is there,” she said.

Although no longer involved in Newton’s City Council, Jordan says she knows that the members will do a great job for the city. “We have some great council members, and they’ll continue to do what we’ve been doing,” she said. “I have the most confidence in them.”

Jordan says that she’s made many strong friendships with fellow council members over the years. She has no intentions of forgetting them or the times they’ve shared. “I’ve formed friendships with my fellow council members,” Jordan said. “I’ll continue to be on the periphery.”

Though no longer in the political realm, she hasn’t completely severed all public ties to Newton— she’s still involved in the public art commission.

Art is such an important part of Jordan’s life — she’s always enjoyed painting and wants to get back into it now that she has more free time. Jordan plans to paint, play pickleball, travel, and play golf.

She and her husband, Mark, really enjoy the game of golf. Living at Rock Barn Country Club, they can be found on the golf course almost any day. They also enjoy golfing in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

“It’s a very challenging game that you can’t master in a lifetime,” Jordan said. “But it feels good to hit a great shot. It keeps you engaged.” The Jordans plan to continue playing and will even be playing on New Years with Anne’s sister. “It’s been nice weather, and it’s nice to be outdoors,” she said.

As for other future plans, the Jordans are excited to travel. In fact, the couple are going to Hawaii in February. She’s been once, but Mark has never been.  They want to see Pearl Harbor among other places.

“We just want to enjoy life,” Anne said.

With so much traveling, she also plans to sell her Newton home. “It’s been a great house,” Anne said. “As much as I love it, it’s just too much to maintain two houses.”

Along with getting out of the political limelight, Jordan says that’s just another way for her to eliminate extra stress in their life.

She said retirement is good for her. “It’s relieved a lot of stress,” Jordan said. “It’s something I’ve been looking forward to.” She rests well at night knowing she did her best serving the Newton community.

“I’m very honored and humbled to have served years as the mayor,” Jordan said. “I feel confident in what I’ve done.”