Alex Central welcomes new freshmen

The transition from middle school to high school can be intimidating, but very exciting! Students are ready for change, but their fear levels and concerns about being lost and helpless are sky-high! The Transition Team at Alexander Central High School scheduled a Back-to-School Bash for freshmen on Tuesday, Aug. 24

Students were encouraged to be a part of the transition without the stress of 1,200 additional students occupying the halls or space. The ninth graders assembled in the Alexander Central Auditorium for a brief time of orientation and welcome to the Class of 2014. Students were introduced to the Administrative Team, Counselors, and other support staff. The ACHS Student Council presented a special segment of “What NOT to Wear” to re-acquaint students with the dress code and expectations. General behavioral guidelines were shared, and students were encouraged to become involved in extracurricular activities to become a part of the Cougar Family!

Homeroom teachers escorted students and conducted a tour of campus as the students were taken to homeroom. Schedules were distributed and students were given a book bag/gym back for gathering “goodies” throughout the day!

Students were assisted by members of the Alexander Central Student Council and other faculty members as they began the process of navigating through what seems to be “miles and miles” of hallways! First block teachers greeted students and shared information about class structure and expectations, then presented each student with either notebook paper or a one-subject notebook. Students took to the halls with more enthusiasm and confidence as they made their way to second block. These teachers also discussed expectations and addressed concerns. Third block teachers welcomed these new Cougars and discussed the lunch break, and made a trek to the cafeteria, even though the Cougar Cafeteria ladies were not providing food for the day. Fourth block teachers greeted the ninth graders as their first day at Alexander Central was quickly coming to a close. Students were visibly relieved to know that “we can do this!” and teachers rewarded their efforts with a roll of NC State or ASU duct tape courtesy of Shurtape Technologies. Students finished their “first day” as a Cougar with a bag of goodies and an optimistic approach to the rest of the school year.

Of the 505 freshmen expected at Alexander Central High School this year, about 450 participated in the Back-to-School Bash! Anxiety and fear often limits students’ abilities to grasp the first few days of school; however, students participating in this “warm up” event seem to transition better and with a positive attitude. Students left the day knowing faces of new friends and classmates, and also realizing that a larger student body is not as intimating as they had anticipated.