110-mph confirmed tornado in Claremont

The National Weather service confirmed Wednesday evening what Claremont residents already knew: a tornado touched down Tuesday in the city.
The tornado hit about 7:45 p.m. one mile southwest of Claremont to one mile northeast of Claremont.
The tornado track started at Progressive Furniture on Penny Road and continued until the storm disbanded half a mile northeast of Centennial Boulevard on the northeast side of Claremont.
According to the NWS, the tornado reached speeds of 110 mph. It had a path of two miles, and a maximum width of 100 yards.
No one was injured in the storm, but Catawba Street in Claremont sustained extensive damage. Pierre Foods and the Claremont Cemetery were also damaged during the tornado.
The tornado had a rating of 2 on the Enhanced-Fujita Scale, which measures the strength of tornados based on the damage they cause. The highest rating on the EF scale is 5.
The NWS also confirmed a 135-mph tornado touched down Tuesday in Vale and injured 11 people. One person was seriously injured.
The tornado hit about 7:10 p.m. at the intersection of Locust Trail and Tola Houser Lane and ended about two and a half miles northwest of Vale at Palm Tree Church Road.
According to the National Weather Service, several homes at the start of the tornado's path sustained major roof and exterior wall damage. One home in Vale was shifted almost 20 feet off its foundation. Barns and a chicken coop in Vale were also damaged in the storm's wake from fallen trees.