11-28-17 Prep Roundup

From staff reports
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Because of the amount of Tuesday's roundup the O-N-E was not able to publish the following information.
Make sure to read Thursday's edition for Newton-Conover at Bunker Hill basketball recaps, as well as St. Stephens at Foard.
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Tuesday's Results
Davidson Day 67, HCA 47
HCA: Andy Cook 13,  Luke Harris10, Eli Sigmon 10
Record-- HCA 2-2
Next-- HCA at Victory Christian
HCA 78, Challenger 25
HCA: Eli Sigmon 16; Andy Cook, 15 points, 12 rebounds; Jack McMahon, 14 points, 5 steals; Tim Tysinger, 11.  
Record-- HCA 2-1
Newton Conover (NC) 51, Alexander Central (AC) 17
106: Charlie Lee (AC) over Mitch Glover (NC) (Dec 9-8) 113: Cole Yoder (NC) over   (AC) (For.) 120: Spenser Harris (NC) over Tanner Hoosier (AC) (Fall 2:55) 126: Jayden Kimsey (NC) over Dylan Williams (AC) (Fall 1:07) 132: Austin Scott (NC) over Chase Treadway (AC) (Dec 6-0) 138: Luke Canrobert (NC) over Alex Romero (AC) (Dec 8-2) 145: Chase Warren (AC) over Carson Dollarhide (NC) (Fall 3:30) 152: Caleb Henze (NC) over Skylar Parker (AC) (Fall 1:28) 160: Cole Clark (NC) over   (AC) (For.) 170: Ethan Lewis (AC) over Joshua Nichols (NC) (Dec 4-3) 182: Jaheim Mullen (NC) over Noah Adkins (AC) (Dec 14-8) 195: Barrett Harkins (NC) over Tevin Clark (AC) (Fall 1:36) 220: Robert Deese  (NC) over   (AC) (For.) 285: Isaac Chapman (AC) over James Gaither (NC) (Fall 1:43) (AC Unsportsmanlike Conduct -1.00)

St. Stephens 64, Maiden 15
132: Blake Baker (SS) forfeit
138: Colton Henry (M) p. Omar Orozco 1:55
145: Eddie Brannock (SS) p. Justin Wilson 4:42
152: Garret Boiling (SS) maj. Reshawn Kincaid 9-1
160: Ivan Vergel (SS) p. James Canterbury 2:54
170: Jordan Bolling (SS) p. Jason Resnick 1:24
182: Dakota Metcalf (SS) p. Jesse Hewitt 1:22
195: Salvador Gilvaja (SS) forfeit
220: Ethan Parsons (M) d. Justin Beltran 4-0
285: Ryan Cambell (SS) forfeit
106: Dalen Milligan (SS) p. London Bradley 1:43
113: Alan Orozco (SS) forfeit
120: Graham Ormand (SS) p. Nathaniel Poovey 1:56
126: Allen Laroy (M) forfeit
St. Stephens 70, East Burke 9
138: Blake Baker (SS) p. George Mackay 0:33
145: Eddie Brannock (SS) p. Tru Yang 3:05
152: Garret Boiling (SS) maj. Bryson Hedrick 16-4
160: Ivan Vergel (SS) p. Aaron Leonhardt 3:31
170: Elijah Bradshaw (EB) d. Jordan Bolling 3-1
182: Dakota Metcalf (SS) p. Blake Young 0:36
195: Salvador Gilvaja (SS) p. Jonathan Carol 0:36
220: Justin Beltran (SS) forfeit
285: Dawson Lail (SS) forfeit
106: Dalen Milligan (SS) forfeit
113: Alan Orozco (SS) forfeit
120: Graham Ormand (SS) p. Arturo Castillejos 5:16
126: Trevor Phillips (EB) forfeit
132: Omar Orozco (SS) forfeit

At Hickory YMCA
Men's Team Scores
St. Stephens 76, Watauga 7
Hickory 69, Watauga 11
St. Stephens 65, Hickory High 29
Freedom 70, Watauga 12
St. Stephens 65, Freedom 29
Freedom 50, Hickory High 44

Women's Team Scores
Watauga 52, St. Stephens 40
Watauga 57, Hickory 37
St. Stephens 54, Hickory 40
Watauga 55, Freedom 35
St. Stephens 56, Freedom 34
Hickory High 49, Freedom 44

Individual Results
Girls 200 Medley Relay
2nd-- Hickory (Emily Snyder, Gweny Durak, Anna Durak, Cate Taylor) 2:08.86
4th-- St. Stephens (Anna Benedikter, Eden Garcia, McKenzie Sturdivant, Sadie Strong) 2:38.21
Boys 200 Medley Relay
1st-- St. Stephens (Josh Talbert, Stephan Procopii, Daly Burgess, John Cherkez) 1:54.73
4th-- Hickory (Josh Arditti, Peak Tanaburibuon, Santiago Agreda, Kyle Stillwell) 2:28.97
Girls 200 Freestyle
3rd-- Alannah Gorman (St. Stephens) 2:26.51
6th-- Heidi Alkoutami (St. Stephens) 2:43.33
7th- Amy Herfurth (Hickory) 2:47.57
Boys 200 Freestyle
1st-- Angel Arredondo (St. Stephens) 2:08.91
2nd-- Carson Parmenter (St. Stephens) 2:10.30
5th-- Santiago Agreda (Hickory) 2:38.92
6th--Cameron Nielsen (Hickory) 2:41.51
Girls 200 IM
1st-- Anna Durak (Hickory) 2:18.77
3rd--Catelyn Cook (St. Stephens) 2:48.35
4th-- Emanuela Chira (Hickory) 3:15.32
Boys 200 IM
2nd-- Leonardo Negrete-Perez (Hickory) 2:34.82
3rd-- David Perjer (St. Stephens) 2:41.36
5th-- Peak Tanaburibuon (Hickory) 3:39.56
Girls 50 Freestyle
2nd-- Nina Turcanu (St. Stephens) 27.03
3rd-- Annabelle Hessong (St. Stephens) 27.53
7th-- Cate Taylor (Hickory) 31.20
Boys 50 Freestyle
1-- Stephan Procopii (St. Stephens) 25.34
4th-- Henry Winfield (Hickory) 27.10
5th-- Nick Sadowski (Hickory) 27.84
6th-- Ben Ritchie (St. Stephens) 28.65
7th-- Matt Fallaw (St. Stephens) 29.95
Girls 100 Butterfly
1st-- Anna Durak (Hickory) 1:02.78
2nd-- Anabelle Hessong (St. Stephens) 1:11.24
4th-- Catelyn Cook (St. Stephens) 1:20.89
5th-- Alexis Allison (Hickory) 1:27.08
Boys 100 Butterfly
2nd-- Daly Burgess (St. Stephens) 59.93
3rd-- Israel Negrete-Abreu (Hickory) 1:03.86
4th-- Carson Pamenter (St. Stephens) 1:06.30
6th-- Isaac Hughes (Hickory) 1:39.24
Girls 100 Freestyle
4th-- Carly Godfrey (St. Stephens) 1:05.54
6th-- Caroline Moore (Hickory) 1:10.75
7th-- Anna Benedikter (St. Stephens) 1:11.54
8th-- Sydney Hall (Hickory) 1:17.10
Boys 100 Freestyle
2nd-- Angel Arredondo (St. Stephens) 1:00.54
3rd-- Henry Winfield (Hickory) 1:03.43
5th-- David Perjer (St. Stephens) 1:04.92
7th-- Jaryd Stillwell (Hickory) 1:08.15
Girls 500 Freestyle
1st-- Gweny Durak (Hickory) 5:35.07
3rd-- Liza Sakhonenko (St. Stephens) 7:05.14
5th-- Alexis Allison (Hickory) 7:37.83
6th-- Milegih Butler (St. Stephens) 7:50.86
Boys 500 Freestyle
1st-- Israel Negrete-Abreu (Hickory) 5:29.80
2nd-- John Cherkez (St. Stephens) 5:43.82
3rd-- Michael Kelly (St. Stephens) 6:36.03
5th-- Cameron Nielsen (Hickory) 8:00.14
Girls 200 Freestyle Relay
3rd-- St. Stephens (Anabelle Hessong, Catelyn Cook, Carly Godfrey, Nina Turcanu) 1:55.08
4th-- Hickory (Cate Taylor, Caroline Moore, Sara Dzimitrowicz, Susana Smaligo) 2:11.24
Boys 200 Freestyle Relay
1st-- St. Stephens (Josh Talbert, Stephan Procopii, John Cherkez, Daly Burgess) 1:42.68
3rd-- Hickory (Henry Winfield, Nick Sadowski, Isaac Hughes, Cameron Nielsen) 1:55.67
Girls 100 Backstroke
2nd-- Gweny Durak (Hickory) 1:09.83
5th-- Emily Snyder (Hickory) 1:18.77
6th-- Alannah Gorman (St. Stephens) 1:24.93
7th-- Nicole Hicks (St. Stephens) 1:35.75
Boys 100 Backstroke
1st-- Stephan Procopii (St. Stephens) 1:03.79
2nd-- Josh Talbert (St. Stephens) 1:04.04
5th-- Santiago Agreda (Hickory) 1:17.22
6th-- Isaac Hughes (Hickory) 1:48.06
Girls 100 Breaststroke
2nd-- Nina Turcanu (St. Stephens) 1:17.93
3rd-- Carly Godfrey (St. Stephens) 1:22.98
6th-- Amy Herfurth (Hickory) 1:31.50
8th-- Sara Dzimitrowicz (Hickory) 1:46.90
Boys 100 Breaststroke
2nd-- Josh Talbert (St. Stephens) 1:15.97
3rd-- Leonardo Negrete-Perez (Hickory) 1:19.38
5th-- Ben Ritchie (St. Stephens) 1:24.70
6th-- Nick Sadowski (Hickory) 1:30.93
Girls 400 Freestyle Relay
1st-- St. Stephens (Anabelle Hessong, Alannah Gorman, Carly Godfrey, Nina Turcanu) 4:15.27
2nd-- Hickory (Gweny Durak, Caroline Moore, Cate Taylor, Anna Durak) 4:19.83
Boys 400 Freestyle Relay
1st-- St. Stephens (Carson Parmenter, Ben Ritchie, Michael Kelly, Angel Arredondo) 4:00.62
2nd-- Hickory (Israel Negrete-Abreu, Leonardo Negrete-Perez, Jaryd Stillwell, Santiago Agreda) 4:26.06