‘Suspicious package’ halts class for Elementary School students


Students at Claremont Elementary were delayed in getting to school yesterday morning due to a “suspicious package” that Claremont Police found behind the school earlier that morning. 
An officer was performing a routine patrol and walking around the grounds of the school at about 5 a.m. yesterday when he saw a strange object in the parking lot behind the school. The officer notified the proper chain of command, and it was then determined by officials that the bomb squad needed to be called. 
The Gaston County Bomb squad arrived at the scene to assess the object. The item, which looked like a kind of pipe or roller from an industrial plant, according to Claremont Police Chief Gary Bost, was determined to be not dangerous. 
Since the device was found before school started, officers diverted busses and students away from the school. Students were taken to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church near the school, according to officers. 
Students were able to return to their regular school day around 10:30 a.m. once it was determined that the device was safe. 
“We just wanted to be sure everyone was safe – that was our biggest concern,” Bost said.