The Daily Press The Observer News Enterprise | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-05-04T15:44:11-04:00'Avengers' sequel is second biggest US opener of all time2015-05-04T15:44:11-04:002015-05-04T15:44:11-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseBut "Avengers: Age of Ultron" failed to top the all-time record of the first film's $207.4 million debut in 2012.Although "Ultron" was the only new film in wide release this weekend, it had some significant small screen competition: The Kentucky Derby, the NBA playoffs, and the Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight.Numbers could shift by the time Monday actuals roll in, but it seems the robust counter-programming may have blockaded another record for Marvel and Disney.Still, for Disney's head of distribution Dave Hollis, the weekend was a "spectacular result" for the film, which cost a reported $250 million to produce.Playing on 4,276 screens, the audiences for "Ultron's" debut were 59 percent male and 41 percent under the age of 25."We're in rare air here," said Hollis. "Having the second biggest opening weekend in the history of the movie business is always going to be something you walk away overwhelmingly happy with. The momentum of the brand for Marvel at this point is really something to take a step back and admire."Marvel and Disney now boast the top three opening weekends of all time with "Avengers" and its sequel taking the top two slots and "Iron Man 3" in third place.Hollis said this is "confirmation" that these films are "bringing a completely different kind of filmmaking to cinema. They're creating events and characters and building worlds in a way that is drawing the attention of huge crowds."Rentrak's Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian agreed that the failure to top the first film is "in no way" a disappointment."You have to put this into perspective. Considering the level of competition this weekend in the sporting world, it shows that movie going holds its own against all other options," he said.Also, while the first film's $207.4 million haul might just seem like a new benchmark to hit, Dergarabedian was quick to point out that opening above $200 million was "literally like breaking the box office sound barrier."Instead of a new industry standard, a $200 million opening might continue to be an industry rarity."Ultron's" future success is not in doubt either."These other options were single events. 'Avengers' has a very long playing time. This is a journey to $1 billion and beyond," he said.With $168 million in international sales this weekend, "Avengers: Age of Ultron" has grossed $627 million globally in just 12 days. The film has yet to open in China and Japan.The rest of the top five was populated with holdovers, "The Age of Adaline," ''Furious 7," ''Paul Blart: Mall Cop," and the animated "Home."___Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Rentrak. Where available, the latest international numbers for Friday through Sunday are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.1. "Avengers: Age of Ultron," $187.7 million ($168 million international).2. "The Age of Adaline," $6.3 million.3. "Furious 7," $6.1 million ($52.8 million international).4. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," $5.6 million ($4.3 million international).5. "Home," $3.3 million ($17 million international).6. "Cinderella," $2.4 million ($7 million international).7. "Ex Machina," $2.2 million.8. "Unfriended," $2 million ($3.6 million international).9. "The Longest Ride," $1.7 million ($3.5 million international).10. "Woman in Gold," $1.7 million.___Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at international theaters (excluding the U.S. and Canada), according to Rentrak:1. "Avengers: Age of Ultron," $168 million.2. "Furious 7," $52.8 million.3. "Silent Separation," $28 million.4. "Home," $17 million.5. "Helios," $16.9 million.6. "The Left Ear," $15.5 million.7. "Cinderella," $7 million.8. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2," $4.3 million.9. "China Town," $3.8 million.Newton, N.C.No author available'Avengers' sequel is second biggest US opener of all timeObserver News's new princess is named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana2015-05-04T15:39:28-04:002015-05-04T15:39:28-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterprisePrince William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, on Monday announced the name they picked for Britain's newborn princess, a choice seen as a tribute to both Prince William's parents and grandmother, the queen, as well as a link to Kate's family.The princess, the second child of William and Kate, will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, royal officials said.The birth of Princess Charlotte marks a new chapter for William and Kate, widely seen as the monarchy's most modern, popular couple, but the names they picked are firmly rooted in royal tradition. Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles, appears to be a nod to the newborn's grandfather, Prince Charles. The baby's middle names honor Queen Elizabeth II, the infant's 89-year-old great-grandmother, and the late Princess Diana, William's mother and the baby's grandmother.Charlotte also features in Kate's family, as the middle name of her sister, Pippa Middleton.The newborn princess is fourth in line to the throne after Charles, William and her older brother, 21-month-old Prince George.William and Kate introduced the baby princess to the world Saturday evening, just 12 hours after Kate checked into St. Mary's Hospital in London to give birth. The baby weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces (3.7 kilograms).Her new name was warmly welcomed Monday by royal fans. Some were particularly pleased about the tribute to Diana, still remembered fondly by many. Diana, who died in 1997 at age 36, gave birth to William and Harry at the same London hospital where Charlotte was born."I so much wanted the name Diana to be in there somewhere," said Munever Halil, 52. "I wanted it to be Elizabeth Diana, so I think it's lovely."Charles Spencer, Diana's brother, also approved of the choice."Perfect names. My 2-year-old Charlotte Diana will be thrilled at cousinly name-sharing," he tweeted.Earlier Monday, Westminster Abbey's bells pealed and gun salutes were fired across London in honor of the newborn princess. In a display of traditional pageantry, dozens of deafening volleys were fired from Hyde Park and the Tower of London to mark the occasion.The royal couple had kept the world guessing about the baby's name until after both sets of grandparents got a chance to visit Kensington Palace on Sunday to meet their granddaughter.Bookmakers had taken huge amounts of bets on the name and Charlotte had been a front-runner alongside Alice and Victoria."Charlotte was the hot tip over the weekend," Ladbrokes spokeswoman Jessica Bridge said. "We may have lost a fortune, but we're paying out with a smile and wish the duke and duchess all the best."Another bookmaker, William Hill, said they were relieved because their top bet had been Alice. Spokesman Rupert Adams said 5,096 bettors correctly guessed the name and his firm would pay out just over 100,000 pounds ($151,100) in the name market.Britain's royal history includes several Charlottes, a name originating from French, but most lived in the distant past. Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III, was a keen botanist and founded London's Kew Gardens. Born in 1744, the queen had 15 children — including one Princess Charlotte, who grew up to marry a German duke.George IV also named his only child Charlotte in 1796, but she died in childbirth at the age of 21 in 1817, leading to a mass outpouring of grief in Britain.The new princess will be formally christened in the coming weeks, potentially in the same chapel at St. James's Palace, like her brother. Her godparents will likely be announced on the morning of the christening.Newton, N.C.No author availableBritain's new princess is named Charlotte Elizabeth DianaObserver News trio arrested for stealing, stealing again2015-05-04T12:40:17-04:002015-05-04T12:40:17-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseCatawba County, N.C.O-N-E ReportsNewton trio arrested for stealing, stealing againObserver News church recognizes annual Youth Sunday2015-05-04T12:35:44-04:002015-05-04T12:35:44-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News Enterprise"Youth Sunday is our regular worship service – just led by our youth group which consists of sixth graders to seniors in high school," said First Presbyterian's Senior Pastor, Steven Barnes.To read more of this story, pick up the weekend print edition of Catawba County's community newspaper, The Observer News Enterprise, at newsstands throughout the county.Newton, N.C.Cigi SparksNewton church recognizes annual Youth SundayObserver News Shaq Thompson goes No. 25 to the Carolina Panthers2015-05-01T17:23:20-04:002015-05-01T17:23:20-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseNewton, N.C.No author availableVIDEO: Shaq Thompson goes No. 25 to the Carolina PanthersObserver News charges 6 Baltimore officers in Gray's death 2015-05-01T11:44:16-04:002015-05-01T11:44:16-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseNewton, N.C.No author availableProsecutor charges 6 Baltimore officers in Gray's death Observer News finance director takes job with Hickory2015-05-01T10:59:09-04:002015-05-01T10:59:09-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseMiller was the Assistant Finance Director at the City of Hickory for six years, until 2001, before moving to his current position with Catawba County, as the Finance Director, for the last 14 years.To read more of this story, pick up the Friday edition of Catawba County's community newspaper, The Observer News Enterprise, at newsstands throughout the county.Catawba County, N.C.O-N-E ReportsCounty finance director takes job with HickoryObserver News your engines-Rotary car show coming to Newton2015-05-01T10:55:45-04:002015-05-01T10:55:45-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News EnterpriseNewton, N.C.O-N-E ReportsRev your engines-Rotary car show coming to NewtonObserver News killed in boating accident2015-05-01T10:51:04-04:002015-05-01T10:51:04-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News Enterprise Walter Laudenslager, 45, was reportedly drinking with friends Ben Barnes, of Maiden and Brei Ledford, of Denver late Wednesday night when they decided to take Laudenslager’s boat out onto the lake, North Carolina Wildlife Commission Senior Officer Carson Rogers said. To read more of this story, pick up the Friday edition of Catawba County's community newspaper, The Observer News Enterprise, at newsstands throughout the county.Catawba County, N.C.Tiffany FieldsOne killed in boating accidentObserver News 7 Facts You Didn't Know About The Kentucky Derby2015-05-01T10:39:29-04:002015-05-01T10:39:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Observer News Enterprise <script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script><div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:390px;height:219px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="28994419" data-config-site-section="horizon"></div>Newton, N.C.No author availableVIDEO: 7 Facts You Didn't Know About The Kentucky DerbyObserver News