Woman hits pole, house

Newton homeowners were shaken up Monday after a woman drove her car into the side of their home off N.C. 10 West. 
Samantha Cranford was driving in the eastbound lane of N.C. 10 on Monday when her car ran across traffic, through a telephone pole and into the side of Jamie Taylor's home at 2584 N.C. 10 West.
No one was injured in the incident, but Taylor and her family were "shook up" from the impact to their home.
"It felt like an earthquake, and I didn't know what it was," Taylor said. "When it hit, it knocked the computer off of my lap. It shook everything, and the pictures came off the walls."
The car first struck a telephone pole that sits directly adjacent to N.C. 10, causing sparks to fly before the pole fell to a leaning position, witnesses said. Cranford's Honda Accord then smashed into Taylor's front porch and continued to skid along the home until it came to a halt in the front yard. The car did not enter the brick home, but car parts and torn bushes laid scattered across Taylor's front yard.
Cranford did not want to comment about the accident.
Taylor was on the phone with her mother, Brenda Osborne, when the car struck the house. The impact caused Taylor to drop the phone, and the call was lost. Osborne said she was on the scene in minutes.
The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.