Tire explodes in man’s face

A tire exploded in a man’s face Monday in the parking of Penske Truck Rental in Conover.

Conover Police say Johnny Henson Bryon, 63, of Conover, was putting air in the tire of a hand truck on Monday when it blew up. Fragments of the wheel came back and hit him in the face, causing damage to his facial and throat area, said Steve Brewer, Conover Police chief.

Bryson was transported to the hospital and was discharged as of press time Wednesday, according to a Catawba Valley Medical Center operator.

A hand truck is used to move furniture and typically has smaller wheels. Brewer said it is unknown why the tire exploded, but said it is probably due to a weak tire or too much air.

Penske Truck Rental did not return a phone call before press time Wednesday.