Sheriff: Crime declines

In August along there were 42 offenses of burglary, 18 simple physical assault offenses and 30 larceny from a motor vehicle offenses. With numbers like that the Catawba County Sheriffs Office seemed to have a busy month of August, however Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid said that even though the numbers may seem high to residents, the statistics show the sheriff’s office has had an average month. The highest month of the year for crime Reid said was July, with 72 offenses of forceable entry.

“My theory is the month of July everyone is out of school, and people are most likely to be on vacation,” Reid said. “With the house empty, people are more likely to break in during that time.”

With a county property crime rate of 9.1 percent, the state property crime rate of 36.46 percent shows Catawba County is a safe place. The county is just one officer off from the state average of officers for the officer to resident ratio, Reid said. The county has 1.5 officers for 1,000 residents while the state sits at 2.5 officers for the same number of people.

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