Q marries U at Shuford Elementary

Students at Shuford Elementary School were guests at a couple's wedding ceremony Monday for a marriage guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Diane Howard's kindergarten class celebrated the marriage of the letters Q and U in a service complete with flowers, wedding bands and rose petals.

The "marriage" taught students that the letters Q and U are hardly ever separated in the English language. Howard's female students dressed in white, wore veils and carried miniature bouquets provided by Butch Coley of Newton Florist. The boys in the class wore suits and ties.

"At first, (students) really thought they were getting married," Howard said with a laugh.

Plans for the wedding started about two weeks ago, where students learned songs about Q and U and prepared to march down the aisle with their partners.

Students learned about grammar during ceremony preparations, but they also learned about weddings.

"I learned that boys wear flowers during a wedding," said 5-year-old Sydney Templeton. " ... And Q and U aren't separated."

Shuford Elementary principal Patrick Nelson was the officiant at Q and U's wedding. Nelson reminisced about Q and U together as a couple. He recalled Q saying, "The sight of U makes my knees quake."

Students from other grade levels in Shuford Elementary attended the ceremony as friends of the bride and groom — other letters of the alphabet.

The brides wore U letters around their necks, and the grooms wore Q letters. Everyone received a ring after vowing never to part under a flower-decorated altar.

This is Howard's first Q and U marriage. She got the idea from a fellow teacher, whose child is now in Howard's class.

After the ceremony, students and their parents gathered for a "wedding reception" complete with wedding cake, punch and other food.

And because no wedding is complete without photographs to commemorate the occasion, students posed with their partners, parents and Howard to always remember the special day.