Police seek pair connected to truck chase

Claremont police are looking for suspects who led an officer on a chase that ended in a wreck early Monday morning.

Police found personal information where a deserted truck involved in the chase crashed in Conover. Officers believe Adrian Johnson and Lashanda Ikard were involved in the incident.

Claremont officer D. Allen was on patrol at about 3:30 a.m. Monday when he noticed a truck in the parking lot of the RockTenn business at 2690 Kelly Boulevard in Claremont.

Knowing the business was closed, Allen pulled into the parking lot to check on the truck. When the red Toyota truck's driver saw the police cruiser, the truck took off at a fast speed, said Claremont Police Chief Gerald Tolbert.

“Officer Allen followed the car down Kelly Boulevard and turned on his blue lights,” Tolbert said. “He tried to catch up with the vehicle, but it accelerated and pulled away. The truck ran a traffic light at the intersection with U.S. 70.”

The red Toyota then crashed into a parking lot at a business at 441 North Macklin Creek Road in Conover. When Allen reached the vehicle, it was on its roof, Tolbert said.

“When they checked, there was no one in the vehicle,” Tolbert said. “They did a check of the area and didn’t find anyone.”

Lori Austin, of Longview, claims she owns the vehicle and gave it to Johnson and Ikard.

“They were doing something in the parking lot, and when the officer turned on them, they fled the scene,” Tolbert said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Claremont police at 828-459-9295.