The O-N-E Morning Read: Wednesday, June 13

An N.C. DMV license examiner faces more felony charges as part of an ongoing state investigation.

Former Newton examiner and Vale resident Cathy Rudisill now faces 28 counts of wrongfully issuing North Carolina driver’s licenses.

State officials say Rudisill was entering fictitious information into license testing results.

She’s expected in court later this month. For more details, pick up the Wednesday print edition of The O-N-E.

Also in Wednesday’s edition
* Hear from a former Newton mayor who will take a seat next month on the Newton-Conover City Schools Board of Education.

* Catawba County Schools meal prices are set to rise next school year as the system implements healthier eating standards at lunch.

* Oxford (Catfish) Fire Department unveils new additions to its Station 1 facility in Claremont on Saturday.

* Community leaders recently shared life lessons with a group of 250 Catawba County elementary school students.

* Zombies are set to invade the county’s libraries this summer for reading programs.

* Find gift ideas from local advertisers and The O-N-E.

In Sports
* Meet Crawdads pitcher Nick McBride, who says Hickory feels like home.

* The Conover Cowboys Mighty Mites team is set to play for the N.C. Spring Football League championship Saturday.

* The O-N-E Reporter Nash Dunn bids Catawba County farewell as he moves on to another job.

* The Rev. Robert Silber says “when you’re here, you’re family.”

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