Newton residents should boil water

After a water leak disrupted Newton water service this week, the city's water customers should boil any water they use.

According to an advisory issued by the city of Newton, periods of low pressure or no pressure that occurred following a water line break Tuesday increases the potential for "back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system."

As a result the state's department of environmental health advises Newton water customers "to boil all water used for human consumption, including drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, making ice and washing hands."

Alternately, city water customers can use bottled water, which the city began distributing Tuesday night.
According to Newton Public Information Officer Gary Herman, the city obtained about 1,000 gallons of bottled water - 250 cases- from MDI. Water was distributed at Old St. Paul's Lutheran Church, and that distribution continues today.

Herman said Newton notified residents of the available water through the reverse 9-1-1 system, and there is currently about 100 cases of water still available at no charge to city residents. The city also visited apartment complexes, such as Heritage Village, Oakwood Apartments other complexes and distributed bottled water on site.

Newton City Manager Todd Clark said Wednesday morning that the city will be testing water throughout the day, and should know within 24 hours when the water will be "clear" and safe to drink.

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