New year, new school

After the first day of school, the reviews are in for Newton-Conover Middle School.

"I love it," said seventh-grader Lea Edmonson. "Its so big and pretty."

Seventh-grader Noah Smith agreed, adding he likes the school's new media center and the multi-story layout.

"Everybody has their own floor," he said.

Although seventh-grader Bennayah Collier said those floors — one for each grade level — might  not be such a good thing.

"There's too many stairs," she said. "I feel sorry for the eighth-graders. They have to go up and down so many stairs."

Of course, with one day under their belt in Newton-Conover City Schools' newest school, Collier and her peers are still getting accustomed to the stairs, and the school itself.

"No, the media center is this way," one student advised a group of boys and girls wandering their way through the new school building.

All in all, though, the first day in the new building went well, said Newton-Conover Middle School Principal Patrick Nelson.

"It has actually been a very smooth day — smoother than I thought," he said, adding the school's staff helped make that happen. "We were very prepared for the students, and we have been awaiting this day ever since July when we got in the building."

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