New business coming to Conover

Two new businesses will soon find homes in downtown Conover.

Owner John Cline hopes to open a side-by-side real estate business and restaurant, located at the intersection of West First Street and First Avenue North in downtown Conover.

“Downtown is a great place,” Cline said. “We’re really hoping to bring people to downtown.”

The space was previously Pappy’s Five Point Café.

“We’re very excited and very thrilled when anybody decides to reinvest in any property downtown,” said Lance Hight, Conover planning director. “It’s a great thing for the city of Conover and a great thing for its citizens.”

Part of the property will be used for a realty office and the other side will be a deli. The eatery will sell sandwiches, smoothies and other pub-style food.

“It won’t compete with Jennifer’s (Café), because they’re more of homestyle cooking,” Cline said.

He wants to call the eatery The Flying Daschund.

“It’s a pretty funny name,” Cline said. “My son came up with it. We think we can come up with a really good logo.”

Cline felt there was a need for a family-friendly, fun restaurant in the area, and he hopes The Flying Daschund will fill that void in Catawba County.

“It’s going to be a fun thing for everybody,” Cline said. “We loved going to the Wild Coyote, but it almost had too much of a bar feel.”

Cline’s 15-year-old son plays football and basketball, and Cline said he wants a place for his son and his friends to hangout after sporting events. “There’s no place for them to go now,” he said. “This will be a good atmosphere for them.”

Cline wants the restaurant to open for business in October, just in time for fall sports.