NCDOT outlines paving priorities

Certain roads in Catawba County are expected to be paved in the coming months, following a recommendation by the North Carolina Department of Transportation.
Jackie McSwain, district engineer for the NCDOT, presented the Catawba County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday with the NCDOT’s priority list for paving and widening secondary roads in the county.
The county was allocated $1,580,200 in North Carolina highway funds to use in the projects, and all of the funding is expected to be utilized.
The priority system is based on many different factors, including the length of the road, the number of homes in the area and whether a school bus travels the road, McSwain said.
The top priority for unpaved rural roads is Meandering Way. The road is about four-tenths of a mile long and will cost about $183,000 to pave. Other unpaved rural roads with a high paving priority include portions of Carriage Street, Marshall Road and Jays Road. These projects are expected to cost about $400,000.
The top priority for subdivision paving in the county is 33rd Street NE. The road is about one-tenth of a mile long and will be paved at a cost of $65,800. Other subdivision roads listed as high priority include Third Avenue SE and Stillwater Drive, at a cost of $83,000.
Road paving and widening, however, does not include privately owned roads.