Man with gun killed by deputies

Sheriff's deputies shot and killed a man Sunday after he threatened to shoot himself, his wife and law enforcement agents.

Catawba County Sheriff's deputies responded to 2155 Hudspeth Road Sunday at approximately 8:15 p.m. for a welfare check on a suicidal individual. Sheriff Coy Reid said the suspect, 50-year-old Jimmy Dean Cash, made repeated threats of violence against himself, his wife and law enforcement agents who arrived at the scene. Cash was armed with a pistol during the situation, but Reid said he could not release information about the weapon's caliber.

A staging area was set up at a nearby county school, Reid said, and negotiators and special tactics and response officers (STAR) were called in to assist with the scene.

As further manpower was en route to the scene, Reid said three deputies went to the residence to secure an initial permitter.

As Cash continued to make threats of engagement toward deputies, his wife was able to exit the building and was received by deputies.
She was then taken to the nearby staging area.

Deputies observed Cash enter and exit the home multiple times, Reid said, continuously ignoring verbal commands from law enforcement.

Reid said Cash was shot by deputies defending themselves when he walked toward the officers, raised his weapon and ignored their warnings.