Maiden residents upset with pastor

Maiden is still buzzing with talk of gays, lesbians, protests and pastors two days after a local preacher’s anti-gay remarks sparked a national controversy.

Town residents say recent comments made by pastor Charles Worley do not represent the town or its people.

Nearly two weeks ago, Worley told his congregation at Providence Road Baptist Church that he found a way to “get rid of all the lesbians and queers,” recommending putting them in an electrified fence until they “die off.”

The pastor’s comments have been broadcast by national news conglomerates like CNN, as well as other media throughout the state. More than 557,000 people have viewed a two-minute, five-second YouTube clip of Worley’s remarks.

With everyone and their brother pitching in their two cents about the situation, most Maiden residents are unhappy with the negative light being shed on the town.

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