Maiden project to affect traffic, water

A plan to replace a 75-year-old water line in Maiden will affect traffic in coming months, but town officials say the impact will be as minimal as possible.

Maiden’s Main Street Waterline Replacement Project will replace one of the oldest water lines in the town as well as relocate a new water line out of the road. Maiden Town Manager Todd Herms said the old water line has had several breaks over the past few years. Buildup inside the pipe has caused the problem, he said.

Maiden Town Council voted to approve the engineering, surveying and bidding of the project, and officials hope to be ready to go out for bid sometime in the next 30 to 45 days, Herms said.

Because the existing waterline is in the middle of Main Street, Herms said the project will undeniably affect traffic flow.

“It will affect traffic – there is no way around that,” Herms said.

“However, we are going to take every step possible to ensure that only one lane of traffic is affected at a time. Therefore, one lane will always be open.

“We will also try our very best only to be working in a one block area at a time, so the entire section of East Main Street will not be affected. Traffic down East Main Street should only be delayed a minute or two. It is not the most ideal situation, but it is unavoidable.

The waterline project will also put a few citizens without water for short periods of time. Herms said the town will make every attempt to keep those windows as short as possible and during the day when most people are at work. Herms said the town will also give citizens and business owners notice when water may be turned off.

“We will be in communication with people and businesses during the construction process to make sure they are aware of the times when this will occur,” Herms said. “A particular property should only be affected once, maybe twice during the entire construction process.”

Despite minor inconveniences, Herms said the project must be done.

“It is one of the oldest water lines in town and has had several breaks over the past few years,” Herms said. “We have pressure problems in some areas. After 75 plus years, it is due to be replaced.”

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