Maiden to mull town, Apple annexations

Maiden will look to annex more property belonging to Apple Inc. on Monday.

The town will hold public hearings on several voluntary annexations on Monday, including one involving additions to Apple Inc.’s growing property base on Startown Road.

Town officials say Apple recently purchased four parcels of property on Startown Road across the street from its current Apple Data Center site.

The additions add about 16 acres to Apple’s existing land.

A voluntary annexation means the company — Apple — asked to be annexed into town limits, said Maiden Town Manager Todd Herms.

It’s still unclear what the land will be used for, but officials say Apple’s voluntary request to be annexed could net the town $1,144.65 a year for the town’s budget and $293,500 to the town’s tax base.

The property sits adjacent to about 107 acres of land that Apple is clearing for a rumored solar panel farm.

The public hearing will be held during Maiden’s Town Council meeting on Monday, Dec. 19, at 7 p.m.