Larcenies see increase during summer months

As area citizens continue to battle the hot and stormy summer months, the county sheriff is also recommending that residents do their part to fight another reoccurring summer plague — larceny.

“It goes up a little bit during the summer months,” said Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid. “Everything is out in sight where thieves can see it, and there’s a bigger demand for home equipment and things like that.”

There were 129 “all other larcenies” in Catawba County during the month of June, nearly 22 percent of the total larcenies reported so far this year. There were also 21 reports of larceny from a motor vehicle last month.

Reid recommends simple tips for residents to try and prevent larcenies from occurring.

“With homes, if you can afford an alarm, an alarm is a valuable asset to have,” Reid said. “Keep your doors and windows locked.”

Reid added that with motor vehicle larceny and theft, it is important to always lock your doors and never leave keys in the car. He also said that his crime prevention team is available for home surveys at request.

Even with the abundance of larceny calls throughout the summer and entire year, Reid said his investigators put the same amount of effort into each case. But the amount of work investigators can complete is based on witnesses and evidence. Reid said residents should write down the serial numbers for each piece of equipment they own, so it can be tracked if it is stolen.

“Say you live in a rural place and you come home and your lawnmower is missing,” Reid said. “If you don’t have a serial number for that lawnmower, then that case wouldn’t get a lot of time. It’s important for people with property with serial numbers to take them down, so the officers have something to go by.”

Reid said after 30 days, a case without any leads or suspects goes into an inactive file. Just because a case is put in inactive status, though, it does not mean it cannot be opened again, Reid said.

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