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Kicking for Christ

September 14, 2011

A longtime Newton dojo is kicking its way into a new facility.

Newton Martial Arts, which is celebrating its 20th year in Newton in 2011, is planning to open a new facility in one of the Alman Furniture Co. buildings near downtown Newton. NMA’s current facility at 23 E. A St. will remain open, but Soke Paul Langford said the addition will provide some much-needed breathing space for the group.

“We like Newton. We’ve been here a long time and it’s been good to us,” Langford said, adding that the NMA board looked at other possible locations outside the area, but decided Newton would best serve the group.

NMA is in the finalizing process of obtaining the facility, and Langford said he hopes to open the dojo in early-to-mid November.  

The facility will have about 4,000 square feet of space, which Langford said is enough room for a growing adolescent and adult clientele. The group currently has about six instructors and 25 students ranging in ability. There are junior and senior divisions, and Langford said they start taking children at age 6.

Throughout the years, what has made NMA different is its atmosphere.

Langford said NMA has strived to provide a Christian and family environment for its students since the day it opened its doors 20 years ago. Instead of just teaching “kick and punch,” Langford said he tries to educate his students on a moral structure and code of ethics that helped him grow when he started karate at age 7.

“The principles we go by and beliefs are Christian-based,” Langford said, “and we try to stick to that.”

Langford said that though NMA instructors and some students are Christians, it is by no means a requirement to be a part of the group.

One of the group’s instructors, Shihan Jesse Boyd, is the founder and president of Full Proof Gospel Ministries, a non-profit organization that prints and distributes Bibles around the world. Boyd has been to more than 50 countries spreading the word of Christ and NMA’s style of karate to individuals around the world, Langford said.

“He has used martial arts as a bridge to spread Christianity to other nations,” Langford said, adding that Boyd is currently in Katmandu, Nepal, acting as a missionary.

Jimmy Randall, a third-degree black belt and instructor at NMA, agreed that martial arts can be a tool to teach students life lessons. Randall teaches a children’s class at NMA on Tuesday and Thursday nights, when the group meets.

Though he’s been practicing martial arts since 1984, he said the style, art and never-ending lessons keep bringing him back.

“It’s the passion of the art and knowledge I get to pass on to younger people that keeps me doing it,” Randall said. “My children’s class has been a blessing to me.”

Randall’s love of martial arts even trickled down to his children, Kurtis Pittman and Brooke Randall, who also take classes at NMA. 

A style of their own

Langford formally established Teashikido Karate, the style taught at NMA, in 2005. It is an eclectic style rooted in the traditions of four other styles, Langford said. 
As part of the style, Langford teaches a code of ethics as well as theory behind the style to his students.

“We’re not only about the kick and punch, but we also teach the culture and theology behind what we do,” Langford said, adding that they usually have additional instruction during a cool down time.

NMA meets Tuesday and Thursday nights in its facility in Newton. For more information about the group, visit   


Open the Mind

October 9, 2011 by Lightseeker (not verified), 3 years 33 weeks ago
Comment: 744

Living Christ-like means a real yearning to live up-right and respect what we have. If Christ has change your life, you will desire to honor Him throughout one's life. In (martial arts) exercise we are training our minds and bodies for more than selfish needs. Being a Christian means being A responsible citizen. Training in self defense helps to become a "sheepdog." There are many "sheep" in the world are not aware of dangers around them. "Sheepdogs protect the folks who cannot fend for themselves against the "wolves" in society. I would help defend a stranger from being attacked, even if that person did not like me. It is an honorable duty and responsibility to take action when most will not get involved with conflict. I hope that more people will see the need to train for defense and/or survival in the event of a home invasion, street attack, bullies, and so on. I also carry and train legally with guns for my family's safety in the event I am injured or face an incident with a live shooter. To the comment from some about government issues and karate/martial arts history come from a lack of knowledge and wisdom that comes from experience. If you search what this school has as a style, it states it is not just a karate style. There are some great points on this article's comments, but the judging can be valid when people go through training there and experience for themselves. Backbone, If the economy caused the school to ever close, I am sure they would find a way to serve the community, like meeting to train at someone's home, like many groups have in the past. I could not live with myself if I only watched someone get beat to death, or worse, my family. Self defense training is not for everyone, but this is a positive article when the majority of news shows how disgusting the world's people can become.

Outstanding Instructors and Students

September 21, 2011 by IM4NMA (not verified), 3 years 35 weeks ago
Comment: 689

The negative comments made regarding Newton Martial Arts have been made out of extreme ignorance. If you had ever taken the time to observe or participate in a class given by this group you would see what a blessing these instructors and students are to our community and our youth. While it is your right to express your opinion, it is unfortunate that you have done so without any personal experience with this group. The world does not need any more hate mongers.
I have seen this group and have had my family involved with Newton Martial Arts for several years. I have found everyone involved to be nothing less than honorable, and yes christian. We have participated in several other groups in the Newton area and in other states who have been far less than honorable and in it for the money with no regard for the well being of their students or their community.
To those who will have their negative comments, I will ask...
What have you done for your community lately? Instead of attacking those who are working to better their community, why don't you pull your own butt off the couch and get involved in something positive.
God Bless You, Newton Martial Arts.

feed back

September 20, 2011 by thankful for the arts (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 681

To all of you who have expressed positive feed back, thank you and GOD bless you as we DO try to serve, HIM well. To you who can't due to lack of knowledge,come see us.Learn what we're about then judge us,FAIRLY!! We will be happy to explain all you ask.Why is it they, people(unknowingly) throw a bad lite to that they don't know about or understand?Can you not see we have, as Joseph, in the Bible took something the devil meant for evil and are using it for good.Not just to keep our "temples" strong( that's in The Bible,SO how are YOU doing with YOUR temple?), but to be asurred we WILL be able to protect our family, friends, and YES maybe even YOU, if we are in the area!!! Would you rather have GODLY Instructors in charge of your children or those who are in it JUST for the money and could care less about the well being of them? I can't think of another place I would rather learn and after 32 years of training, I've been in some of the best. God bless OUR / HIS Instructors!!!!!

Geeze. I swear..

September 19, 2011 by Backbone (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 680

you bunch a people get so bent out of shape over negative comments over a doggone KARATE class and dont even get in the least bit twisted when comments are made about the fraud waste and abuse or ineptitude or just down right idiotic decisions or actions made by the local echelons of government! (City County and State!)

Look take an interest in what goes on (or what ISN"T going on around here and worry about more than your kids extra-curricular activities, or else one day you and the rest of the folks around here are gonna be so poor THEIR AINT GONNA BE NO KARATE CLASS TO GO TO!

Just the facts...

September 19, 2011 by soke (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 675

First of all I’d like to thank God for the freedom he has provided for us here in America, and the men and women who have lost their lives in the pursuit of our freedom. If not for these things, we wouldn’t even be able to express our thoughts and opinions on sites such as this.

It’s funny how in a society where rape, molestation, kidnapping, and murder are an everyday occurrence that people would have a problem with a given group for trying to better prepare children, parents, and law enforcement to be aware of their surroundings and potentially harmful situations so as to better protect themselves and their loved ones. Just the other day in the news, I read about the high percentage (over 40%) of girls in college that are being forced into having sexual relations by an attacker; and most of these have no means to protect themselves. Also recent headlines detail numerous examples of people being assaulted for ridiculous reasons (e.g. faith, race, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, road rage, etc.). Then there was the little girl, Zahra Baker, who was murdered and cut up into little pieces by someone she trusted. And this school is being scrutinized for trying to help protect people against such things?

As far as monetary concerns, you’ll find that we are well below the standard cost for martial arts training, and our fees are only enough to cover facility and equipment costs. Most of our instructors have turned down monetary compensation and choose to labor voluntarily, So I find one post here to be totally incoherent and lacking an obvious point. Concerning the blend of martial arts and a Christian-based faith, you will find the real point of it is to do away with the negative perception that martial artists are all morally bankrupt, socially irresponsible thugs, who only want money, fame, and some sense of empowerment. We try our best to remove all of these things from our martial arts training and to instill moral character, a code of ethics, and social responsibility: teaching that sometimes the best defense is no defense at all (Matt. 26: 52-54).

God said give him 10% off what you make.

September 17, 2011 by justiceckeepsch..., 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 674

It would seem that a number of churches raise money in ways that are not in accordance with the King James Version Bible. Dont quote me on this Im no Schollarer of the Bible but I believe it says to give 10% of your income from your work, it dosent say go out here and have a car wash or any thing else to raise money for God. Jesus needs proof of existance in my opinion and this is how he prves to hes Father God who the hell you are. Now if you want God to think you are from indonesia and are in the martial arts then there you will be, Backbone makes a lot of sense to me on this and study people read and study.

Praise God!

September 15, 2011 by ahedrick88 (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 669

What a wonderful and well written article. I am so glad to see something positive in the headlines. This is exactly what the Town of Newton needs, a positive impact with positive teachings. This will be where I take my daughter for her martial arts lessons hands down! We need Christ in everything just like we all need a relationship with him. I feel so sorry for any ignorant racist person who tries to tell otherwise. Kudos Nash Dunn for a well said article and Kudos Newton Martial Arts!

First of all..

September 15, 2011 by Backbone (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 668

its Maam, thank you!

Second of all I stand by my comments. the jist is thus...quit using God, Jeasus, Buddah, Mohammed, or the Great Spirit as a marketing device for for every commercial venture from selling cars to cleaning out septic tanks (yes I saw a shirt with that fish Logo on a Septic Tank Company last Saturday at Biglots)!

It aint the karate, heck I am all for self defense. I prefer a .357 Magnum, but I am kinky that way...Its INTEGRATING RELIGION into the commercial market it is not the way to do business!

I am sure these lttle tikes are all wonderful little citizens now because of the "inner peace" they get from fighting like a Jap(anese)or some other Asian. But just remember the Jap(anese)had all kinds of inner peace the night before they bombed Pearl Harbor!

By the way Curtis LeMay slept well at night after he leveled Tokyo and Hiroshima!



September 22, 2011 by IM4NMA (not verified), 3 years 35 weeks ago
Comment: 691

Racist! Your ignorance is showing.

Go ahead make my day

September 16, 2011 by ctech14367 (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 671

Backbone you are promoting your "god" (the devil) by your hateful racist comments, So quit being a hypocrite. Have a nice day!!


September 15, 2011 by ahedrick88 (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 670

I'm sorry but you are no lady.

The best school with great values!

September 15, 2011 by lovins88 (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 666

I have had the pleasure of seeing what and impact this school has made on the lives of adults and young children. Mr. Langford, Mr. Hedrick, Mr. Randell, and Mr. Boyd are all instructors that have strived for many years to build this school with correct teachings that every Dojo should follow. I have witnessed other instructors that openly drink and get drunk in public where their students are at. I've witnessed this just last year at the Hickory Alive with an extremely popular instructor in the area. I would never feel comfortable with my child learning from a Sensei like this. I feel it is necessary that you have to abstain from certain activities in public when you are a leader and a teacher.

Mr. Langford and the other Sensei's teach to defend ones self only if it is the last option. That most battles can be won by just communicating first and defend only when necessary. My husband faced this years back and I thank God, yes GOD for providing him with the words to stop an attacker. My husband has learnt how to defend himself from Mr. Langford himself.

And lastly, no, God does not have anything to do with the way you fight, however he has EVERYTHING to do with the way you DEFEND. God bless all and God bless Newton Martial Arts.

As a parent I think this is

September 15, 2011 by silvertongue (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 664

As a parent I think this is an excellent way for young children as well as adults to be taught. If I were to be looking for a martial arts school this would definitely be the one. A school that teaches morals and that martial arts is to be used as self defense only. Knowing that the instructors are there to teach confidence, self discipline, courage, and to be motivated to succeed in life is what type of teacher I would want my children to have. I also think it is awesome to be able to have an instructor who travels all over the world spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and integrating martial arts into it. When you have a hobby or career that you really enjoy and can spread the word about Jesus, well that is an amazing thing. This world needs more karate schools along with instructors such as Newton Martial Arts to be teaching and leading the way that they do. May God Bless this school!!!

What ever happened to "turn the other cheek"?

September 14, 2011 by Backbone (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 658

Am I the only one who has a problem with this concept. Martial Arts is Eastern Concept that was developed at a time when Buddihst and Shinto Monks were denied the use of weapons byt eh Japanese Shoguns and the Chinese Aristocracy to prevent the fomenting revolution. Over the years it got this connotation of inner peace and all this other crap, but it is, at its heart a way to inflict injury on a opponent.

What about Boxxing for God, or Skeet Shooting for Saint Peter?

I am getting at this: too many people wear their religion on their sleeves and try to tie it to everything! Religion is a personal matter between me and God, (with the able assistance of my clergy)! IT AINT GOT NOTHING TO DO WIH THE WAY I EXERCISE OR FIGHT!

Such Ignorance

September 15, 2011 by jboydfpgm (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 667

Excuse me sir, but religion is your problem, not that of this dojo, and religion will send you to hell. Repent and be born again, and then you will know a relationship with Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth (i.e. as opposed to your god), through the Lord Jesus Christ. And, that relationship will permeate and affect every aspect of your life, including your exercise. If you don't like the Christian testimony of the instructors in that dojo, then lump it. There's not a thing you can do to change it or to do away with it.

As for your "interpretation" of martial arts history, I think you have been watching a little too much MMA. Your overgeneralizing doesn't reflect reality and betrays your ignorance. Only an ignorant fool would claim that the heart of true martial ARTS (i.e. historically speaking) is to inflict injury. If you ever studied anywhere besides a MMA McDojo, you would know this.

Geesh, so much negative press and garbage in the news these days . . . a decent local story pops up about a martial arts dojo trying to do something positive for the community of Newton, and leave it to the couch potato critics to take a 5-second break from Facebook and throw in their two cents.

Sir, you are not even qualified to promulgate an opinion on this matter. Get off Facebook for once, stop surfing the web, and actually do something with your life. Better yet, repent and be born again.

Backbone has no backbone!

September 15, 2011 by The Truth (not verified), 3 years 36 weeks ago
Comment: 665

First of all let me say, you know nothing about the history of Martial Arts. The term "Martial Arts" today has become heavily associated with the fighting arts of eastern Asia, but the term's origin is distinctly western. Look it up! And it was developed long before you said, Mr. Backbone. And you think that it is unchristian to defend? Talk to me when someone is beating your wife, mother, father or child. You think God doesn't give us the skill, knowledge or right to defend?

This article was not about religion and martial arts, it was about having the values and strong morals that is Biblical based. Not that you have to believe in God and bow down and worship my feet before class.

And Mr. 'Backbone' I can see that you have commented on a lot of recent posts trying to cause drama and whatever else you could... I think you are confiscating for something you have dear and small or lack there of and you just can't seem to make yourself or anyone else at that matter happy. Grow up and stop fussing about things you aren't apart of.

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