Fort Dobbs offering historic interaction

Fort Dobbs in Statesville will give visitors the chance to interact with military re-enactors across time and learn how their uniforms, equipment and experience have evolved over the past 300 years.  Cannon and small arms demonstrations will also be featured.

North Carolina has survived numerous invading military forces and sent tens of thousands of her sons and daughters off to war over the centuries.  This Veterans Day celebration will allow you to visit with Cherokee warriors, Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, WWII G.I.'s and grunts from Vietnam.

“This event gives us, military re-enactors, a chance to showcase the struggles and hardships that military personnel from North carolina have endured in every conflict that has been waged,” said Mark Kirkman a re-enactor from Pleasant Garden, N.C.  “Many of us depict several periods of history but specialize in one specific era to do the best job possible to illustrate the life and times of a soldier.”

Re-enactors will visit Fort Dobbs from several states to provide their specialized skills.

“This event is much more different than attending a museum.  Here the public can ask questions, handle gear, and use every sense to better understand what military life was like in history,” Kirkman said.  “Where else can you see the differences between a Brown Bess musket, an Enfield rifle, a M-1 Garand, and a M-16 assault rifle?”

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