Former NFL player visits local school

Tuttle Elementary School students from all grade levels cheered with excitement on Tuesday, Dec. 4 when ex-NFL Giants running back, Lee Rouson visited. School principal DeAnna Finger said the visit has been long overdue as the school has been trying to get a speaker for many years now.

During Rouson’s visit the students received free signed football cards as well as life advice on knowing who they are in life. He started his speech in what he called a huddle to his team. The huddle was to inform all of the students on a message and said that all the students needed to do a hand clap that signified that they understood and heard all of what Rouson was saying.

“I’m here to let you know whatever flavor you are, I’m here to give you some real true love,” Rouson said. “Every word I say will be filled with real love and there are different ways to spell love and you spell it V-E-R-B; it’s an action.”

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