Filing re-opens in Claremont

Filing for Claremont’s city council race will re-open on Monday after the recent death of incumbent James “PJ” Stanley.

Stanley, a 2011 incumbent who has served as a city councilman since 1987, died Wednesday after a short fight with leukemia.

The Catawba County Board of Elections announced on Friday that it will re-open filing for the council race from Monday until Wednesday.

Only two other candidates have filed for the race at this time – incumbents Nicky E. Setzer and M. Dale Sherrill. There are three open seats on the Claremont City Council.

“The Catawba County Board of Elections met in an emergency meeting and made a decision that there is sufficient time to re-open the filing period for the office for three days,” according to a message from Larry Brewer, the county elections director.

The filing period will end on Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Qualified citizens may file paperwork and pay the $5 filing fee at the Board of Elections office on the first floor of the Catawba County Government Center, Brewer said.

If no one else files by Wednesday, Brewer said there will just be two candidates on the ballot but three places for write-ins.

“So, if those two incumbents win and no one else files prior to the election, then an individual with the most write-in votes would win,” Brewer said, adding that in a non-partisan election with three seats open, there will always be three write-in spots. “Even if there were ten candidates vying for three spots, there would still only be three write-in slots.”

Brewer said that situation is rare, but it has happened before.

“It happened in the school board election a few years back,” Brewer said.

“No one filed for a ward in Hickory, and a write-in won because they had the most votes."