'Energizing' seniors

A new program recently created by the Newton Recreation Department is allowing seniors throughout Catawba County a chance to not only relax, but become energized and rejuvenated.

“Tai Chi for Seniors” takes place ever Friday afternoon from 1-2 p.m. at the lower level of Newton Recreation Center for a suggested donation of $3 per class.

The class is open to those seniors age 55 and older.

Carol Feezel, who teaches the program, said Tai Chi is a perfect activity for seniors to become involved in.

“Tai Chi is a gentle, slow-moving exercise,” she said. “It’s relatively safe. At the same time, you can really improve balance and increase strength. The idea behind Tai Chi is to stay in your comfort zone, but still be able to progress. The whole goal of class it to be relaxed, but by the end of class, my goal is for everyone to have energy and be energized. That’s why it is called ‘great energy.’”

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