Election results official

Catawba County municipal and school board election results became official Tuesday afternoon.

The Catawba County Board of Elections completed a vote canvass that led to no changes in outcomes, said Larry Brewer, the county's elections director.

Brewer said votes from two provisional ballots provided the only changes to race totals. The ballots were completed by registered Catawba County voters who had moved since the last election and had not changed their addresses.

Two other provisional ballots were not counted in the totals.
"One was registered in Burke County, not Catawba County," Brewer said. "The other person had to show ID by 11 a.m. and did not, so the votes didn't count."

Official election turnout was 8.43 percent. Out of 47,419 registered Catawba County voters, 3,999 cast ballots.