Election outcomes expected to stand

Catawba County election officials don't expect any municipal or school board outcomes to change once voting results become official early next week.

The county's three-member Board of Elections will canvass Tuesday's votes at 11 a.m. Nov. 15. Elections Director Larry Brewer will present the final numbers to the board.

"We'll match election night records with the records we now have on file to make sure all the numbers still match," Brewer said. "Doesn't seem like anything is going to change. We had only four provisional ballots."

Brewer said voters mark provisional ballots when they enter a polling location and their name is not on the voting list for that precinct. After the election, officials research why the voters' names were not listed, he said.

"Most of the time, it's people who just move in the county," he said. "They're precinct transfers. The provisional ballots aren't going to change anything this year."

The county tallied a large number of votes for write-in candidates in the 2011 election, which is normal in local municipal races, Brewer said.

Once Catawba County completes the canvass, votes will be reported to Raleigh.