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Cyclist struck by car

March 22, 2011

A cyclist was taken to the hospital Tuesday after a car struck him from behind.

The cyclist, whose name wasn't released on the scene, was traveling on Boundary Street in Newton about 3:15 p.m. with two other cyclists.

The cyclists started to cross the intersection at Northwest Boulevard near Kentucky Fried Chicken when the male cyclist was hit from behind by a Toyota Camry. Witnesses to the incident said the man fell off his bike and on the roadway from the impact.

Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said the victim was complaining of hip pain and was taken by ambulance to Catawba Valley Medical Center.

One of the cyclists who was riding in the victim's group said the victim was wearing a reflective vest, a helmet and other safety gear.

It wasn't clear what caused the driver of the Toyota Camry to strike the cyclist. Newton Police Department is investigating.

Catawba County EMS, Newton and Conover police departments and Newton Fire Department responded to the scene.


Cars are just one aspect of the problem to cyclists

March 23, 2011 by Seymore Beaver (not verified), 4 years 8 weeks ago
Comment: 269

I ride my bike for excercise in Newton. Traveling the city streets is much safer than venturing out into the county where the roads have less shoulder and the drivers go way to fast.

Even though Newton is safer it is still not cyclist friendly.

I think anyone who has ever ridden in a car has noticed that our city public works department has never really bought the concept of patching water main breaks with care. In a car they are major lurches and drops; on a bicycle they are extreme hazards that can unseat you at the least or deflect you into motor vehicle traffic.

Heck there are city storm water drains that will trap a bicycle tire and throw the ride off and create serious injuries. The holes in the drains do not run perpendicular with the road but parrellel.

There are no bicycle racks uptown. Why promote cycling when the road is a deathtrap to get there.

I use to ride an expensive road bike with thin tires that allowed me to excercise faster and longer but the sorry conditions of the roads in Newton just cost me too much in tire and rim repair.

Just a few extra minutes on each road repair job to make sure the road way is left smooth would make a huge difference. I know some city workers care, like to tree trimmer who is turning trimmed trees into amusing art, but most city of Newton employees are there for a pay check only. Quality and pride are things from the past.

Funny how the roads in Conover arn't patched and cobbled together with the expertise of a toddler using a Tonka.

I ride my bike....

March 24, 2011 by Backbone (not verified), 4 years 8 weeks ago
Comment: 272

a. I look good in those tight biker shorts.
b. I aint got no drivers license.
But I agree, the roads in Newton are sure chewed up due tot he decaying water line and sewer line infrastructure causing lines to break. I have also been told, by one of Pattishall's shovel boys that the firemen are always screwing up the pipes when they are monkeying around with the hydrants. I dont know fer sure but it is soemthing to think about!
I dont mind paying taxes for good roads and good infrastructure, just not for the dopey hopey changey stuff!

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