County rallies against underage drinking

One of the nation’s prominent activists against underage drinking is urging law enforcement to take an “aggressive stance” on the issue.

Ron Bogle, a former local attorney and state judge, said he admits he’s got a bad attitude about alcohol. However, he said his real pet peeve is underage drinking.

“We do no favors to our children when we turn our back and look the other way when it comes to drinking,” Bogle said Tuesday to law enforcement and community members from Catawba County. “The real problem is not the children, it’s the adults. They don’t understand what this is doing to our children.”

Bogle, who now travels the nation talking about the dangers of underage drinking, visited Catawba County on Tuesday for an Alcohol Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) conference for area law enforcement.

Bogle told police officers, state troopers, deputy sheriffs and local attorneys that he wants authorities to take “aggressive action” on the issue of underage drinking.