Conover Station’s sweet tooth

Conover Station just got a little bit sweeter.

Sidetrax Café, Conover Station’s first private investment and commercial business, officially opened its doors in February.

The café features a savory menu of cakes, cupcakes and cookies that are both visually and tastefully appetizing.

Located adjacent to the Conover Branch of the Catawba County Library on the third floor of the Multimodal Center, the café also provides specialty coffee drinks, smoothies and soft drinks for readers and all visitors alike.

Sidetrax Owner Linda Eggers says she’s wanted to start her own shop since taking her first business class at St. Stephens High School. After the city of Conover took a chance on her idea for a pastry shop last year, her dream is now coming true.

“I've been baking since I was a teen and have always enjoyed baking for friends and family. The opportunity at the station presented itself and I have been fortunate enough to be able to take on the challenge,” Eggers said.

However, Eggers says Sidetrax would be nothing without her family. Her sister, Lidya Clippard, is Sidetrax’s first full-time employee, while her child, Cameron Eggers, also works in the shop.

Conover City Manager Donald Duncan said Sidetrax is a “lovely” addition to a multi-tenant-style building.

“It completes part of the element of the building,” Duncan said.
Sidetrax rents its space on the third floor for a reasonably low rate, Duncan said, something that Conover City Council pushed for.

“It’s our first private investment on a piece of a property that was unusable. It’s a small success, but we’ll take it,” Duncan said.

Eggers said she enjoys the Multimodal Building, which is a century-old manufacturing building re-vamped for modern tenants. She said the building’s style matches some of Sidetrax’s recipes.

“The history theme also carries through with our business. Most of our recipes have been handed down from my grandmothers, to my mother and aunts. These wonderful ladies have had a big influence on why I love baking, I strive to be as good a baker as they were and are,” Eggers said.

“It's important to keep these recipes going, and I look forward to passing them on to my daughters one day.”

The pastries Sidetrax serves are all homemade, and their colorful cupcakes, pecan sticks and brownies have already become favorites around town.

Duncan is a fan of the recipes as well.

“They have this pecan stick. It’s like eating a piece of pecan pie and it’s almost like eating a candy bar. That thing is awesome,” Duncan said. “As soon as you taste it, you think it's Thanksgiving or Christmas.”

In the near future, Sidetrax will begin providing refreshments for meetings, parties and other events in the Conover Station community room, located on the first floor at the Multimodal Building. Eggers said a carry-out bakery menu is also in the works and could launch as early as April.

"Patrons can order various homemade cakes, cookie bars, cupcakes and pick them up at the cafe," she said.

For more information on Sidetrax Cafe visit or call 828-464-0750.