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Conover assault case continued

March 14, 2012

The man accused of assaulting a handicapped person during a Conover City Council meeting earlier this year appeared in court on Wednesday.

Ken Herman, 71, of Conover, is charged with assault on a handicapped person after allegedly slapping a Conover man in the back of the head prior to a city council meeting in February.

Herman’s case was continued on Wednesday until June 29, according to information provided by the district attorney’s office.

Police arrested Herman on Feb. 10, four days after allegedly assaulting Coy Hester at Conover’s Feb. 6 council meeting.

Hester, a Conover citizen who suffers from Fibromyalgia and a rare blood disease, says Herman struck him in the back of the head prior to the start of the meeting. He says Herman continued to verbally harass him after the assault.

Hester was taken to the hospital and subsequently released. He later filed charges with a Catawba County magistrate, and Herman was arrested and released on bond.

Police say there were multiple witnesses to the alleged assault.

However, several council members reported not seeing the assault and Conover Police Chief Steve Brewer, who was standing behind where the incident took place, also said he did not see what happened.


Strikin Example

March 15, 2012 by Backbone (not verified), 3 years 7 weeks ago
Comment: 1050

Of the Emperial Hubris present in local government!

Its not the elected officials (for the most part). They are genrally genial "do-nothings" who are content with making appearances and not making decisions or rubber stampring the whims and expenditures of the Burocrats who manage the entities.

If you criticise the expenditures or the policies or procedures of the elemtns of government, (often) they will lash out, although I am aghast of the extent in this instance!

I urge you all to provke, agitate or otherwise speakopuut in this forum and make the local government officials sweat by bring light and ridicule to teh mismanagement, fraud and excesses they perpetuate in spending OUR money!

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