Catawba paves path to new restaurant

Catawba officials are making sure there’s a smooth arrival for the town’s newest restaurant.

The town decided last week on the company that will fix sidewalks around the downtown area, including in front of Catawba’s soon-to-open restaurant – Cindys Starlite Café 2.

The sidewalk renovations will take place along the whole length of East Central Avenue and from the corner of East Central and South Main Street to N.C. 10, said Catawba Town Manager Brian Barnett.

“We’re going to take a whole section of road and just fix any section that is not within (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance,” Barnett said.

“There are sections that are just smashed to pieces that are in need of general rehab in town.”

The $15,365 project does not have a start or finishing date yet, and Barnett said some engineering work involving water run-off needs to be completed before construction begins. He said he hopes the project begins before October.

“A tangible project our citizens can put their hands on,” Barnett said. “We have a restaurant coming into town, and this sidewalk leads right to it.”
Cindys Starlite Café 2, a “mom and pop” style pig-out, operates one location in Taylorsville and will open its second restaurant across from the police station in Catawba. Restaurant owners Cindy and Wayne Cothran bought the property in an auction two months ago, and Wayne said they are currently renovating the space.

“A lot of people have come from Catawba to Taylorsville with an interest in our food, and we are trying to make it easier for them,” Wayne said. “We are looking to sort of make Catawba a home away from home.”

The new restaurant will seat about 80 to 100 people, and Wayne said Cindys features everything from burgers to country cooking. He said without looking that there are more than 200 items on the menu, including homemade desserts and ice cream.

“We got the best food, and it’s for very reasonable prices in this day’s economy,” Wayne said. “You get a lot for a little.”

Wayne said the restaurant was his wife’s dream that started small, but has grown into a multiple-restaurant business.

Cindys Starlite Café 2 will take applications for employment in the morning at its Taylorsville location until the new restaurant opens, Wayne said.

“We want to bring over some of the staff from (Taylorsville), but we want to try to give jobs to some people in (Catawba) as well,” he said.

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