Catawba’s history retold

Jan Brown would be considered a Catawba County transplant to some people. Brown is originally from Florida, but you wouldn’t know it by the stories she can tell about the little town of Catawba, where she resides now. Those many stories are what started Brown’s books, “Heartbeat of Catawba” Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

“I started writing short stories and incidents that happened around the farm,” Brown said. “‘Heartbeat of Catawba’ though is all about the people of Catawba.”

The two volumes Brown describes as pictures books, will take any reader from the present and send them back to the 1940’s – in some photos farther back.  In volume one, Brown tells her story of living in the town of Catawba and shows off many other local families and their stories. The pages aren’t only covered with photos from Catawba’s past, but also include short stories from others who lived during the time period. Volume two of the book features Brown’s husband, Richard and his story of living in Catawba. Other families include the Martin, Campbell and Lowrance families of the Catawba area.

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