Business park set for Conover

Catawba County Economic Development Corporation is at it again, but this time, they are moving dirt in Conover.
The county's new multi-jurisdictional park will be located in Conover after Conover City Council unanimously approved Monday to let Catawba County EDC purchase 159 acres of land at 3660 Lai-Ber Drive and 3720 Lai-Ber Drive near N.C. 16 and Northern Drive. The property was zoned as residential, but after City Council's meeting Monday, the property is now zoned for campus, office and institutional use.
"We have the opportunity and need to create properties to market on a very quick basis," said Catawba County EDC President Scott Millar. "The short- and long-range plan is to provide that marketable property."
The type of property Millar wants to create is one that appeals to a data center.
"(The property) will be a data-center type of development," he said, "where its surrounding neighbors won't know they are there. The intent for (a data center) is not to be known. We expect and hope (the company) will be corporate."