BREAKING: One killed in crash

One person was killed and another injured in a morning collision that closed Old Conover-Startown Road for several hours Friday.

Newton police are still investigating the accident that occurred about 7:37 a.m. near the intersection of Radio Station Road and Old Conover-Startown Road. Early indications are that the driver of a small sport-utility vehicle pulling a trailer lost control of the vehicle, and it slid across the center line into an oncoming vehicle. At the time of the accident, the trailer was loaded with gas cans and a motor scooter, which Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said were launched nearly 75 feet from where the two vehicles involved came to a stop.

The impact sparked a fire that engulfed both vehicles, Yoder said, and flames climbed high into the overcast sky Friday morning.

According to Newton Police, one person was transported to the hospital following the wreck and another was killed. Additional details have not yet been released.

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