Bandys beats Foard in battle of 1-0 teams

The Trojans brought their shields to this one.

The Bandys Trojans defense controlled the field in their dominating victory over the Fred T. Foard Tigers on Friday, setting the tone of the game from the start and throwing in big plays to position their offense for the win.

The Trojans defeated the Tigers 27-7, marking the first lost for new Foard head coach Jason Phelps and moving Bandys to 2-0 on the season.

“We got a good start,” said Bandys head coach Randy Lowman. “Last week, we played better late, but this week we played really good early and didn’t do nothing in the second half.”

The Trojans set the tone of the game from the start, pushing back the Tigers’ high-powered running game 10 yards and forcing them to punt on their first possession. Bandys forced the Tigers to punt each possession of the first half. The game’s turning point came when Bandys’ junior free safety Hunter Lackey picked off a pass from Tiger quarterback Erik Ware and returned it 24 yards for a touchdown.

Lackey’s score is his second defensive touchdown in two games.

“I saw the quarterback rolling out and that the wide receiver was running a stretch pattern,” Lackey said. “I read the quarterback’s eyes, jumped in front of the wide receiver, and took it to the house.”
This is Bandys’ second straight game of solid defense, Lowman said.
“We put them in a bad situation a couple of times, but fortunately we kept them in check,” Lowman said. “The defense has played good two weeks in a row. They really played seven quarters without giving up a touchdown.”

The Trojans offense was also impressive, and Bandys pounded the running game all night. While senior running back Dominique Young provided a steady attack in the flats, junior tight end Jackson Gilliam provided power up the middle in the red zone. Gilliam had two touchdowns off two 15-yard runs. Gilliam finished with 65 yards, and Young had 62 yards with one touchdown.

Bandys backup quarterback Anthony Toscano, playing for injured senior David Borrow, had a solid night. Toscano managed the game well, aside from a few botched snaps and one turnover. His 34-yard pass to Deandre Mack in the fourth quarter also ended any late-game rally attempt by Foard. He was 8-10 for 98 yards.

Apart from a 30-yard touchdown run from Tiger running back Tre Robinson, Foard’s offense was non-existent. He finished with 58 yards on 11 carries.

Robinson, who rushed for 148 yards and three touchdowns in the Tigers win over North Lincoln last week, was nowhere to be found Friday. The 5 foot 10 190-pound senior did not touch the ball for the first eight plays of the game, and a 30-yard touchdown run was his highlight of the night. The score was Foard’s only touchdown, and came after a blocked punt set the Tigers up in the red zone.

Penalties also hurt the Tigers, and every time they took a step forward, an offsides or holding call took them two steps backward.

Though the Trojans started strong, Lowman said his team “coasted” through the second half.

“Our guys coasted a little, and started playing with the clock,” Lowman said.

Next week, the Trojans travel to East Lincoln, an opponent that Lowman said his team will have to play well against to beat.
“We will have to be a little more versatile,” he said.