Area drummer releases book

A Catawba County percussionist and educator recently published a new book that will be used by several middle and high schools in the area and statewide.

Area drummer Rick Cline published “Tools for the Developing Drummer” earlier this year, a comprehensive and instructional book for beginners and advanced drummers.

“I’ve been compiling these materials over the last 20 years, and I’ve been binding and making books for the sake of my private students for that span of time,” Cline said. “And it wasn’t until a couple years ago when I said, ‘I should just make an official book.’”

Cline, who gives private lessons as well as teaches at Lenoir-Rhyne University and UNC Charlotte, said the book’s lessons have already been used on at least 1,000 students.

“It’s just an easy-to-follow flow,” Cline said. “It’s very progressive and one of those things where it’s most helpful if you have a teacher with it, but anybody can pretty much pick it up and teach themselves.”

Several middle and high schools have already contacted Cline showing interest in purchasing the book for their students, Cline said. He added that several teaching academies have also showed interest in his book.

In addition to his teaching at universities and the private sector, the Fred T. Foard graduate said he also founded the Piedmont Percussion Program, which is a program for youth and teens to get involved with drums and other percussion instruments.

“Pretty much everything I do is based around percussion,” Cline said.

For the drummer getting started with the art, Cline recommends practice and dedication.

“You have to follow your heart,” Cline said. “I have a lot of students who have gone on to do it professionally and done all sorts of things percussion-related. It’s not for everyone. You have to be made of the right things.”

Cline said that all children should get involved with some sort of art.

“I think everyone should have some type of music in their lives,” Cline said. “Doing it for enrichment and fulfillment is a missing element to a lot of kids’ lives in society today. We used to promote the arts so much more heavily.

“I think that is what’s wrong with kids, they don’t have enough things to express themselves and get that artistic side out,” he continued.

“Whether it’s drums or whatever, they should seek out that much-needed part of their development.”

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