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Surprise! Economy speeds up, pollution stalls

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 9:41am
Here's a surprise: The world economy sped up last year but the volume of dirty gases pumped into the air didn't budge.

Russia's economic misery deepens

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 9:38am
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Disney's 'Frozen' sequel is on the way

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 7:50am
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Bill and Melinda Gates are not interested in the Apple Watch

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 7:42am
Count Melinda and Bill Gates out of the Apple Watch craze.

Stocks: 4 things to know before the open

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 7:24am
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Tim Cook tried to give Steve Jobs his liver

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 7:02am
In 2009, when Steve Jobs was in his final years, dying of cancer, Tim Cook offered his boss a piece of his liver.

Downton writer: Kate Middleton turned show into global hit

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 6:57am
A true royal has visited the set of Downton Abbey.

Cleveland's rents soar ahead of Republican convention

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 6:53am
When the politicians start moving into downtown Cleveland for the 2016 Republican National Convention next summer, many residents will be moving out -- and renting out their homes for more than 10 times the normal amount.

How Colombia went from murder capital to tech powerhouse

Fri, 03/13/2015 - 12:29am
When Mark Zuckerberg hosted Facebook's first overseas town hall meeting, he didn't go to Beijing, London or Dubai.

Univision host fired for first lady comment says White House complained

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 9:39pm
A Univision host who compared Michelle Obama to characters in the movie "Planet of the Apes" alleged Thursday that he was fired after the network received a complaint from the White House.

Japanese stocks are on fire. But why?

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 9:37pm
How high can the Nikkei go? 19,000? 20,000? Maybe even 25,000?

Dr. Nancy Snyderman exiting NBC News

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 6:34pm
Dr. Nancy Snyderman, whose credibility as a medical journalist was tarnished late last year when she violated an Ebola-related quarantine, says she is leaving NBC News.

GM recalls 64,000 Chevy Volts for shut off problem

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 6:04pm
The Chevy Volt is so quiet that some people forget to to shut it off. That can be dangerous when the the hybrid's gas engine kicks in and the car is parked in your garage.

Guardian issues 'clarification' on Whisper bombshells

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 5:30pm
The Guardian has issued a "clarification" to several critical stories about the mobile app Whisper, a walk-back on reporting that appeared to have cost four Whisper employees their jobs.

Could this computer save your life?

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 5:05pm
Cancer is good at hiding.

Coke CEO's skips bonus, still gets big raise

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 4:18pm
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'Star Wars Episode 8' to be released May 2017

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 4:01pm
The eighth edition of the "Star Wars" franchise will arrive in movie theaters on May 26, 2017.

Scammer tries to swindle top tax-crime fighter

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 3:43pm
You know tax scams are getting seriously out of hand when a criminal posing as an IRS agent calls one of the country's top tax-crime fighters, hoping to scare him into sending money.

Buffett's $1 billion NCAA bet goes bust

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 3:27pm
Don't even think about winning $1 billion picking the perfect NCAA bracket this year.

Tomorrow's oil price? Guesses range from $20 to $200

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 2:07pm
Predicting and diagnosing the trajectory of oil prices has become something of a cottage industry in the past year.
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Valentine’s Day 2014 is one Bandys softball player Mary Catherine Sigmon won’t forget.


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